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I was missing out on key cards for my 1985 Star Lite All Stars collection. Thanks to AnyLot.com I found 6 new deals and completed the full set within 3 months!

Jeff O’Malley


Every week, I receive email notifications of cards relevant to my interests, saving me hours of searching.

Gary Marsh

New York

3 Steps to find your desired cards

Tell Us What You Collect

Tell us a bit about the cards you desire.

Sit Back And Relax

We constantly search millions of cards from thousands of auctions and marketplaces using advanced AI technology.

Get Notified

You get notified immediately, whenever a sport card that matches your profile is found. Personalized, No time wasted, No deals missed.

How We Find The Right Items For You

We built a unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine that monitors millions of collectors' items online. By teaching the AI what you love to collect, it becomes your personal AI Advisor. The moment items that match your interests are available for sale - you will know about it, ahead of the game.

The more you tell us about what you like, the better the AI will get at spotting exactly what you want. Saving you endless time flipping through catalogs and forums.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if there is nothing that fits my profile?

It is possible that this week there aren’t any open auctions that fit your profile. If you are an experienced collector, let’s refine your preferences and train your personal AI a bit more.
Click here to refine your preferences.

We don’t want to spam you with irrelevant items. We might send you industry news,  but that’s it. You can browse the marketplace and if you see something you like, we will add that information to your personal AI.

What if I don't like the suggestions?

At the beginning, your personal AI is getting to know you, and it might take a few practice runs. In the initial email notifications you get, you can rank items by relevance. That way we keep on learning. 
You can also Update your initial preferences here. 

I want to stop receiving emails

We’re sorry to see you go, but that’s easy to fix. Just hit the unsubscribe button at the bottom of an email we sent you, or click HERE to unsubscribe.

How is this free?

Our mission is to help collectors find the items they love. In doing so our service also helps sellers who pay us a small percentage for making the connection.
No items are promoted or biased in any way - ever.

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