AnyLot Sports Card Scouting is Changing the Collecting Game

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Sports card collecting has evolved. From a hobby reserved for die-hard sports enthusiasts, it has become a diverse industry including not only publishers, collectors and graders, but also fierce investors, tech entrepreneurs and traders. What used to be in-person exchanges are now sleek online transactions. 

Although digital marketplaces and auction houses make it technically easier to buy cards, the sheer quantity of platforms has effectively made finding the right cards in time harder than ever. 

AnyLot is a new tool that allows all-types of sports card collectors to cut through the noise, and focus on the cards.

Sports Cards Collectors Need AnyLot

The reality is that it’s impossible to follow the growing sports card inventory across thousands of online marketplaces. This leads collectors to frequently miss their chance to  acquire the sports cards they love. In fact, some cards may have been perceived as harder to find than they actually were, just due to a lack of market visibility. Until now. 

It’s the theory of keep-up vs. catch-up. Those who try to occasionally catch-up miss all the interesting sales. But keeping-up is a full time job; one that entails countless hours clicking through endless catalogs and forums. AnyLot changes all that and keeps collectors on top of their game, in a fraction of the time.

"I’ve been collecting sports cards, specifically baseball, for over 20 years, long before all this new technology. With over 3,000 cards of various sets and grades, I thought it would take ages to explain to the AnyLot guys what I want. But it was surprisingly fast and the recommendations were spot on”.

Joe M., Queens New York, NY

What AnyLot Provides

AnyLot is a personal sports cards scouting service that monitors thousands of online marketplaces for cards that it’s members desire.

The free service is powered by an artificial intelligence engine that allows AnyLot to reach far beyond what any individual is able to. It covers everything from high-end auction houses like Goldin, ​​Heritage, RR and Leland’s, to huge general marketplaces like eBay and Facebook, and even thousands of forums, small private websites and niche marketplaces. 

AnyLot subscribers get personalized notifications as soon as cards that match their preferences pop-up for sale online. By doing so, AnyLot fulfills its mission to unite collectors with the cards they love. 

With sports cards gaining traction as alternative investments, and trades happening faster than ever, closing the gaps in knowledge and time is invaluable. AnyLot’s technology provides fast ultra-personalized notifications, while their team of seasoned collectors offer subscribers deep industry knowledge via curated updates covering the latest trends in sports card collecting and investing. 

The Technology That Powers AnyLot

Behind the scenes lies a unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine that monitors millions of sports cards online, every day. Collectors create their own personal version of the AI and teach it what they love to collect. When the AI scout finds a card that suits a collector’s profile, AnyLot’s professionals review it and the collector gets notified. The more they interact with the recommendations, the better the AI gets at spotting exactly what each collector wants. 

The amazing thing is that AnyLot’s technology is able to anticipate which cards will be of interest to each unique collection without the need to go into detail about every desired card. After outlining a few general themes, AnyLot will find suitable cards, as well as surprisingly relevant wild-card deals.

The Story Behind AnyLot

Artbrain. Their goal - helping art galleries and auction houses better match collectors with the items they love. 

Years of R&D, and a lot of trial-and-error, yielded an unprecedented technology platform that now serves many of the world’s leading auction houses. It has helped thousands of collectors find and buy art, antiquities, jewelry etc. worth millions of dollars. 

Then, a few team members, each a respectable collector in their own right, noticed that the sports cards industry was expanding to the verge of saturation. AnyLot was born as an Artbrain company. 

Anylot leverages Artbrain’s machine learning technology, to disrupt the world of sports card collecting. In contrast with forums or other online tools created by good intentioned hobbyists, AnyLot is a business. It has employees, funding, and a steady revenue. This ensures a professional product with real support and a growing feature set. 

“We’re extremely proud of AnyLot and our mission. When collecting became digital it gave everyone access to cards from around the globe. That was wonderful. But now, we see an information overload, and collectors who took on the hobby out of love and passion are overwhelmed by the sheer multitude of options. Bidding wars for select cards drive prices up, and many reach the game too late. We want to level the playing field by providing our members with trustworthy information and first-mover’s intel“. Barak Edut, AnyLot Director

Is AnyLot Right For You?

There are many types of players in the sports card arena. Hobby enthusiasts, ready to step up their game and broaden the scope of their access, use AnyLot to cover more ground and grow their collections. For those with refined tastes or distinct collections, AnyLot is the solution to finding very unique cards - wherever they are. 

New collectors, struggling to stay afloat amidst the multitude of options, enjoy the simplicity of getting a clean weekly email from AnyLot with precisely the cards that interest them. 

And for the new generation of sports card investors, be they pros or rookies, AnyLot is the perfect tool for staying ahead of the game.